Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Africa continues to be the greatest victim of Cancer

Around the globe, the burden of cancer has been surging. Over the last few decades, according to the estimations, millions of people have lost their battle against cancer and have died from various types of cancer.

The World Health Organization told us that to our dismay, more than 65 percent of these deaths occurred in low and middle-income countries, inclusive of Africa.

Prostate, breast, cervix, and liver cancers are the most common amongst the cancers reported in the African region of the World Health Organization.

According to a newly published study by a number of cancer experts on 1st November 2019, offers exclusive findings into cancer challenges faced by Africans.

It was found by the researchers that the rising number of cancer cases is mainly due to the below-mentioned reasons:

Increasing adoption of risk behavior: the lack of physical exercise, lack of healthy diet, harmful use of tobacco and alcohol

Infections caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), as well as, hepatitis B and C viruses

It was revealed by the new study that if public awareness was raised on the initial signs & symptoms of common cancer, numerous lives can be saved. Hence, appropriate investments must be made in this initiative.

It was also found out that there was the highest cancer rate in Africa was in the country of Nigeria. In addition to this, nearly 80% of these cancer cases resulted in future fatalities.

At present, Africa has the highest age-standardized breast cancer mortality rate across the globe, with the highest incidence rates being recorded within the sub-Saharan African sub-region, says the World Health Organization.

Moreover, there is an unequal burden of cervical cancer fallen upon on Africa. 19 out of the 20 most cancer-affected countries are present on this continent. Cervical cancer is reported as the second most common cancer amongst women in the region of Africa.