Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Agencies launch new reskilling for career opportunities in IT

When it comes to the training and reskilling of their employees for the opportunities of Information Technology, agencies are starting to learn that one size will definitely not fit all.

It is why the administration of Trump has been engaged in different pilot designs for providing new opportunities for building careers in Information Technology for the federal employees at all levels.

The Chief Information Officer of the National Science Foundation as well as the co-chair of the committee of Federal CIO council, Dorothy Aronson said that they were talking to one another and that there were various programs that were going on and were not the same. She said that they were trying to tackle the issue from several angles at the same time. She further added that there was not just a single solution to this problem and they were not expecting to get a one-size solution in the end anyway.

For example, The Agriculture Department has announced this week a new candidate development of Senior Executive Service for the up-and-coming leaders of Information Technology. The program has been open to the GS-14s as well as 15s at all the agencies that have a minimum of one year of supervisory experience.

According to the announcement made on opportunity by the  the program has been designed for grooming the next generation of the chief information officers as well as the chief information security officers.

Candidates that are selected shall receive formal training as well as assessments and seminars that will be funded by the Council of CIO. Program candidates should have a SES mentor and have to complete one developmental assignment of an executive level for at least 4 months.

The job announcement said that the participants who completed the program would have to submit a portfolio for approval to the CIO/CISO Executive Resources Board.