Wed. Oct 16th, 2019

Alibaba, Tencent and  Huawei presenting similar risks

In this age of technology and advancements world is becoming quite a fast and easier place. Everything nowadays is just a thumb’s click away. Whatever we need and whatever we want we can easily get access to it without even physically making an effort of going out of the house and searching for the required product in different markets. Now in this fast age of smartphones and wifi that is easily available in almost all the possible places, we reach our desired product while sitting on the couch at home.  So to cope up with this speed business is also getting that fast. Initially that we used to have a big general store now big, expanded and very well trusted websites have taken their place. Now people pick up their phones and place an order of whatever they need or want and get it delivered on their doorstep. That is a very convenient and easy process. To make it even easier we have websites like Alibaba and Tencent.  They are doing the job.

But in the wake of some recent events, things are seen to be changing a little bit. Now according to the United States’ official   State Department these companies that are based on technology hence called the tech companies, are becoming the tools of the government of The People’s Republic of China.  Not only this but also another company that is also a huge telecom company and its products are used and trusted around the globe in all the continents and almost every city of this worlds, the company is none other than the very big Huawei which is said to be China’s embattled giant telecom company.

Now, this course of events has unfolded in a way that a possibility has been raised and that is that the United Sates is believed to be taking some actions in this regard that are going to mark some major implications in the telecom sector.

And the possibility is that the United States would probably widen and expand the range of the targets that lie in the Peoples Republic of China to satisfy the concerns related to the much enhanced survey because of some concerns that were related to the reasons that are based on the security matters.