Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

American President confidently relies on the economy for 2020 Victory

You must have heard this phrase ‘It is the economy, stupid’ which got viral due to the United States presidential politics since the 1992 campaign when the seat of George H.W. Bush was taken over by Bill Clinton.

Almost thirty years later, the President of America is expecting that simple message in the coming year will help prevent his eventual Democratic Party rival from succeeding.

In his remarks to reporters, at political rallies, as well as, in tweets, the American President, strongly puts emphasize on the performance of the economy of the United States, the low rates of unemployment, the rise in stock markets, as well as, his tax cuts for boasting that he is doing an excellent job as president.

Political analysts, as well as, economists are split on whether that message will allow the incumbent to stay in office beyond January of 2021.

Ever since the statement was passed by Clinton saying that they have all kind of assumed that this should be true. And he thinks, for the most part, that is true, told Ryan McMaken, who is economist, as well as, senior editor at the Mises Institute, which is an economics and politics research group in Alabama. He issued a warning, even though, that American President finds himself on either side of a culture war that his forerunners didn’t have to face, and a deep biased divide on consumer confidence.

Another Policy analyst, James Pethokoukis is watchful about the economy dominating over all other problems.

He stated that re-election cannot be guaranteed by having a strong economy. People over and over again point back to the 2000 election, which occurred after ten years of incredible economic growth any way you want to measure it i.e. jobs, gross domestic product, and wage growth. But still, Clinton’s vice president still could not win that election from George W. Bush.