Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Anne Scott-one of the oldest Australians to pursue a PhD

When the average person reaches the age of 85, they prefer to let loose and focus on spoiling their grandkids. Not Anne Scott, though. She is spending her days working towards her PHD in the field of artificial intelligence.

Pursuing her PHD at Victoria’s Swinburne University of Technology, Anne Scott’s chosen field in “The confluence of humans and smart machines: imaging a future world.” This is especially remarkable since she was brought up in a time where neither the internet, nor computers, had come into being.

Ms. Scott stated that if she pursued a PHD back in her time, she would have had to make use of a typewriter to produce a 100,000-word thesis, however, she wouldn’t have been able to work on her chosen topic since neither computer science not artificial intelligence existed then.

She added how if everyone can do it, so can she. This is what she says to her sons. Anne Scott has three children, two of whom have postgraduate qualifications. According to her, this is what motivated her to work towards a postgraduate degree of her own.

Ms. Scott stated how when she told her friends and her relatives that she was going to begin her PHD studies, she thought they would tell her to not bring her hopes up. But she was pleasantly surprised to see how all of them were supportive and very much looking forward to her graduation.

She said that she intends to be an example for seniors by showing them how acquiring knowledge is lifelong and how one is never too old to learn more.

Anne Scott has always been a strong believer of education. She did her Bachelor of Science in year 1966, her Master of Education in year 1980, and a Graduate Diploma in Education Administration in year 1999.