Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Artificial Intelligence as an emerging toolset for the leaders of healthcare

Healthcare leaders that are working for the provider organizations as well as medical societies are looking at Artificial Intelligence as the most appropriate emerging technology for the reduction of risk. In the mean time, they look at online media as the technology having greatest risk.

The kind of risk which is at the top of their minds could be the legal variety, because the survey that was behind the findings has been custom-built by The Doctors Company which is one of the largest suppliers of medical malpractice insurance owned by physicians in the United States.

The company announced this week, the results that were drawn from the responses which were submitted by the leaders of forty-seven organizations.

The findings of this year’s survey depict that riskiness of online media is the same as it was a year ago, and similarly, the most pressing item on the to-do list of leaders remains to be the ‘tracking quality metrics’.

The category of physician-patient communication moved up a notch in the ‘most important’ list replacing burnout.

The authors of the survey report said that this could show concern that the digital technologies like electronic records of health, are having an impact on the communication between patients and physicians, referring to a similar result that was obtained from a survey report conducted in 2018 by over 3,400 physicians.

The Managing Director, chairman, and the Chief Executive Officer, Richard Anderson of The Doctors Company said that the concerns that were shown by the leaders of their nation’s healthcare portray the increasing impact of digital healthcare. EHRs are continuing to have negative impact on the communication between patients and doctors. Retail medicine, telemedicine, and apps for healthcare are bringing change in the way a lot of people access healthcare.