Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Artificial Intelligence rising as a useful tool for governments to deliver public services, reveals new UN-Google report.

Bangkok (ESCAP News) — a brand-new study launched by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and therefore, the Pacific (ESCAP) and Google nowadays showcases models of investment AI (AI) for public services within the Asia-Pacific region and on the far side. The Artificial Intelligence within the Delivery of Public Services study may be an initial of its kind collaboration between International organization Secretariat and Google, showcasing samples of however AI is utilized in the public sector. “On the trail to the 2030 Agenda for property Development, governments in Asia and therefore, the Pacific are desperately following innovative suggests that to deliver effective, economical, and truthful public services. Frontier technologies like AI hold promises to re-imagine. However, the public sector will higher serve property development desires,” aforesaid UN Under-Secretary-General and secretary of ESCAP Ms. Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana. She added, “I forestall to continue to strengthen the partnership with Google and modify the countries within the region to higher leverage frontier technologies for property development.” “As a part of our regional partnership on AI for Social sensible, ware happy be happy to collaborate with UN-ESCAP to showcase some sensible practices and lessons learned within the use of AI for public service delivery. As AI advancement armored deployed in sectors starting from attention, the atmosphere and education, we do tend to see exciting opportunities for public sector agencies to bring these advantages to larger and bigger populations, aforesaid tough guy Osius, VP for presidency Affairs and Public Policy, Google Asia Pacific “we hope that the teachings captured during this report facilitates inspire individuals to spot a lot of areas wherever AI may facilitate to tackle challenges within the public sector.”