Wed. Oct 16th, 2019

Artificial Intelligence-run bots prove to be efficient for businesses

Business all over the globe are progressively making their way towards Artificial Intelligence-run chatbots in order to acquire customers, manage data and for employee engagement.

VFS Global, a visa outsourcing ach technology services firm, launched Viva, a chatbot, in the September of 2018. The bot delivered 24/7 support to visa applicant headed to Australia. The chatbot, run by AI, can decode patterns from prior interactions. This is considered as useful by clients and VFS Global.

The head of digital and e-commerce at VFS Global, Benjamin Boesch, stated how Viva greatly lessens the response time by swapping a conversation with call centers with chats.he added how it has aide the company in figuring out which issues they should pput their attention to if they intend to approve user experience.

The CTO and co-founder of Senseforth, Ritesh Radhakrishnan, stated that enterprises tend to have many million clients, hundreds of workers, partners, all of whom have numerous interactions in one day only. He added how having conversational experiences if the sole way that enterprises can scale up and offer tailored experience to all of these individuals.

The business’s multilingual bots and bot builder let companies personalize bots however they want. After a bot has been trained for conversations, companies can keep a check on their interactions through Senseforth’s analytics solution.

In spite of the hype when it comes to chatbots, the technology is still very much in its initial stages, especially since AI, which is responsible for most of its efficiency, is still very young. The vice president-analyst at Gartner, Arup Roy, stated how the technology has only just been birthed and needs time to grow. He added how it will, however, pick up pace and improve as they advance.

In spite of chatbots, natural interactions with customers will not cease to exist. They won’t, however, be as open as they presently are.