Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Australian firms set to trial their government’s AI principles

5 Australian firms, including some of Australia’s greatest businesses are set to trial 8 artificial intelligence principles generated by the government in their AI Ethics Framework.

As stated by the government, the establishments, namely: National Australia Bank, Telstra (telecommunications expert), Commonwealth Bank, Flamingo AI (software firm), and Microsoft have agreed to test the AI principles to make sure they provide practical advantages and can be translated into real-world solutions.

The government expects businesses and establishments to use the principles when generating, designing, using or integrating Artificial Intelligence. The principles have been designed following the already present Artificial Intelligence obligations and rules, to make sure that AI systems are considerate of diversity, human rights, various communities, etc.

The Australian minister for industry, science, and technology, Karen Andrews stated that through the principles, organizations will be motivated to aim for the finest conclusions for Australia and to incorporate into their dealings, the greatest levels of ethical business. Karen Andrews added how, in the private sector deployment of Artificial Intelligence, fair practice is vital since they are building the trust of the people of Australia into the safety, security, and reliability of AI systems and also convincing them of the positive impacts AI may have on their lives.

Telstra’s chief data officer, Noel Jarrett stated how the firm is excited to learn from the other firms taking part in the trial. He added how there is no doubt in the fact that Artificial Intelligence may significantly enhance the experiences of their clients and workers by making things more simple and effortless. He said that the company wants to ensure that they use this technology correctly from the very beginning. By testing these principles, they will know the best way to make use of the AI.