Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

Biotechnology in Switzerland Today for tomorrow

Event organisers in Hyderabad India which was completely based on the development of biotechnology sector in both Switzerland in India and New Zealand being one of the part of this event as a partner country is expected to host the event with the emerging Technologies and the promotion of certain investment which should be made towards the biotechnology sector and this event was the flagship event known as bi Asia which will be conducted during the month of February in the path of biotechnology industry and the theme will be for today for tomorrow which will promote the various initiatives which need to be taken care to have a better tomorrow and this when will be a platform to deliver the various Technologies we should be promoted and the partnership SMIT should be there to promote the various stakeholders and a platform will be divided to every company and to every student to showcase their talent and to showcase their product and services which are developed for the need of biotechnology in Healthcare sector in both the countries and this water services for the biotechnology Industries will stand up in certain way where the investors will find a need to invest them in their product and to show trust words that particular entrepreneur and having a good feedback from the various visitors now there would be a lot of fuel towards investment decisions including the example of Swiss pharma company lonza which will be participating in the event of Hyderabad setting up the various operations in the country. The reason for choosing Switzerland as a partner country has the various agenda of the development of India and Switzerland both in terms of innovation and startup ecosystem which could promote their partner country in such a way that there would be the ease of doing business for the policies and this will be done to attract the various retain talent which could be a very strong hold for the Healthcare and Biotechnology sector including the promotion of Life Science and just will be done in Telangana to promote the innovation and entrepreneurship in certain areas.