Wed. Oct 16th, 2019

Chinese leadership soon making its way to the United Nations

The yearly meeting of the United Nations General Assembly which takes places in September, has for years been a focus of the United States global leadership. An instance is how the administration of President Barack Obama made use of the annual meeting to prompt global action on significant problems, including refugee settling, change in climate, etc.

However, this week, when various prime ministers and presidents get together in New York, they will do so at a time when the establishment is experiencing a significant transformation. It look as though the U.S. is going to take a step back, leaving room for Beijing to step in.

China has added significant resources to support an effort that showcases its authority and the United Nations as a more active substitute of the U.S., in a move which shows its eagerness to magnify its influence on this large a scale so it can back its own interests.

In only the last couple of years, the Chinese Communist Party has placed its representatives in a position where they lead four out of fifteen of United Nation’s specialized agencies whereas the U.S. heads just one.

China has also progressed more than twenty four MOUs to back its Belt and Road Initiative, a grand plan to recreate the old Silk Road.

The U.S. has only haphazardly replied to China’s growing profile, partly because it is itself occupied in reestablishing its relationship with the UN.U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has went, in a short period of time, through many ambassadors to the UN. It has also made the U.S. unilaterally back out of various UN agencies and has also made a show of rejecting multilateral institutions.