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Construction Robots Market will reach US$ +470 Mn by 2026, at a CAGR of +10 % with major players like Brokk AB, Husqvarna, Conjet AB, TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH, Giant Hydraulic Tech

Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with the development, design, construction, and operating of a robot. Robotics comprises electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering. Robotics is widely categorized into service robots and industrial robots. Service robots are further classified into professional robots, personal robots, and domestic robots. Application of the robotics technology in a wide range of production processes across the globe has led to rise in the adoption of the technology at a rapid pace. In the last few years, robots are also being utilized in the construction industry.

The construction robots market is projected to expand at a CAGR of +10% during the forecast period and reach a value of US$ +470 Mn by 2026.

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Top Companies of Construction Robots Market:

Brokk AB, Husqvarna, Conjet AB, TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH, Giant Hydraulic Tech, Beijing Borui Intelligent Control Technology, Alpine, Cazza, Construction Robotic, Shimizu, Fujita

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