Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Buttigieg Reveals his healthcare plan for the rural Americans and Native tribes

On Friday, Pete Buttigieg, the Democratic presidential candidate has unveiled a plan for health care for providing coverage to all the rural Americans and the tribes of Native America, where rates of mortality and illness are higher than in the cities of the United States.

Buttigieg, who is currently the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is one of those several Democratic candidates who are competing to be the presidential nominee and are making huge efforts in rural America that hit greatly the Republican President, Mr. Donald Trump when he won the elections in the year 2016.

Buttigieg wishes to guarantee that each and every one of the rural Americans get health insurance by giving them the opportunity of government-backed Medicare coverage, by forcing the private insurance companies to reduce their costs. He calls this plan of his, “Medicare For All Who Want It”.

This is a far more moderate approach for the health care coverage than a few of his Democratic rivals, such as the progressive standard bearers and the Senators of United States Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders from Vermont, who wanted to transfer all the Americans to health coverage that was funded by the government, calling it Medicare for All.

Buttigieg also wishes to improve technology so that a greater number of people can be treated near their homes. He also wants to stop the hospitals from closing as well as train and attract further doctors and the nurses to work in rural areas and also reduce care shortages emphasizing on maternal care, mental health, primary care, and addiction.

Buttigieg said that he would also try to strengthen the Indian Health Service which was a department of federal government responsible for providing medical and public health services to the Native American tribes and the Alaska Native people.