Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Digital evolution Can Revolutionize The Sector of Health Care

Talking about the challenges as well as how the digital evolution was revolutionizing the system of healthcare, the Managing Director of Elsevier, Shankar Kaul said that currently, the sector of health care was undergoing many disruptions as well as challenges. There was a huge margin pressure on the chains of corporate hospitals and there could be a lot of reasons behind this such as the crucial price controls. But, he said that these disruptions also provided great opportunities and hopefully the Ayushman Bharat could prove to be a magnificent disruptor. He also said that the scheme held a lot of promise and hope which would result in great investments from both the central and the state governments.

He said that the sector had three priorities. The first one was to provide patient care with the best quality and at the same time cost effectiveness, which would result in them being able to decrease variability and also improve the coordination. Secondly, consistency in the deliverance of care delivery was very critical, given the requirement for developing the robust mechanism of sharing patient as well as clinical information across several hands off in the segment of health care. The third was to maximize the performance of the team where a Chief Executive Officer or a CXO got to mould an effective workforce. For making this possible, they had to focus on people, the processes and the technology.

Highlighting that there had been a great investment for bringing technology into healthcare, Kaul added that the latest technology was imbibed in cutting-edge procedure, diagnostics, and radiology. There had been investments in the infrastructure of Information Technology but there was a gap in the physician as well as clinician understanding regarding its relevance in clinical care.