Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Gitex Technology showcases some cool gadgets

A new idea introduced at the 39th Gitex Technology Week is promising people the lastest style of mobiles by giving humans bionic skills via microchips constituted in their bodies.

Etisalat unveils chip implant at Gitex Technology Week in the same manner as an adult urban center. If you thought having a mobile will bring the full world in your hand, then here’s an update for you. A new construct introduced at the 39th Gitex Technology Week is promising individuals the last word variety of mobiles by giving humans bionic talents via microchips deep-rooted in their bodies. Etisalat has partnered with Swedish company Biohax International to implant microchips in a very person’s hand which will be loaded with all types of knowledge, together with your medical record, passwords, etc. The demonstration of the semiconductor NFC card was shown on the gap day of Gitex Technology Week 2019 to Arab chief Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prince of Dubai, who lauded the technology. Several ministries together with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance conjointly showed interest in uptake the technology, and square measure in talks with the Swedish firm to integrate it. This rice grain-size biocompatible NFC implant will be inserted slightly below the skin between the fingers and thumb. The chip will be injected underneath the skin precisely sort of ‘vaccine shot’, explained Jowan Osterlund, the founder, and business executive of Biohax International. His firm has factory-made thousands of such chips in the Scandinavian nation and Europe. This biocompatible NFC implant allows seamless digital interaction with most everyday encounters, as an example, obtaining eliminate keys, loyalty tokens, cash, and access cards. “You will even open doors or begin an automobile, as an example. They’ll even be loaded with medical information which will be assessed if the person was ever in an accident, Jowan told Khaleej Times, adding that the chip will keep within the bod for 10-20 years and might get replaced then. The cost value of the chip is 150 Euros (Dh607 approx) except for students, Jowan said they’ll provide a 50% discount.