Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Healthcare opinions: surprisingly positive

Based on a new study, while people are of the opinion that the healthcare they experience is good, they also admit that their journeys are not much in their control.

The Consumer Healthcare Paradox is a new data research at Maestro Health’s. 1,000 consumers surveyed in it; of age more than 25. The aim of the study was to explore the graph between public’s opinion about high-quality healthcare and its cost. Surprisingly, results show that, the healthcare experience was described as positive by 78% but only half of the them felt that the healthcare they received was equal to/ greater than the money they paid.

The chief strategy and product officer at Maestro Health, Nancy Reardon, stated that when they drilled deeper into the study, they saw that most of the people did not have the understanding of their medical bills or how much the procedures and visits should actually cost. The whole healthcare industry has room for improvement.

Reardon says that it was rather surprising to see a good number of people with the opinion of having positive healthcare experiences, despite what the results of the other survey say. 55% of the people have received their medical bills higher than their anticipation, 69% don’t feel the need to have control over their healthcare journeys. And the ratio of people, who think that their healthcare costs more than what they receive, is half.

Reardon asks how people even consider their experience a positive one.

Based on the study, half of the people think that the whole system of healthcare is just what it is and that it is not possible to change it. These people believe that the healthcare system has insufficient support and is not doing much for their wellbeing. 52% of the respondents think that lowering costs would improve their healthcare experience, 37% believe that the facility to easily to seek out for healthcare from basically any healthcare provider would resolve the issue and 28% are of the view that if they have one resource for selecting a doctor, managing claims, and paying bills, their experience would become way better.