Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Horseshoe Crabs Proved To Be An Arachnid A Study Shows

The study of evolution, species and organisms is a very important thing, which helps us understand the environment a bit more. It shows the relation between different type of animals, insects and even humans. This study is used to understand the behaviors and reactions of certain species; together with their characteristics.

The news today is about the horseshoe crabs, which is blue-blooded, having a hard shell with 10 legs. This species looks nothing like the rest of the crabs community, which has always been a confusion to scientists.

However, a recent study, led by biologist Jesus Ballesteros and Prashant Sharma at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, published in the Systematic Biology Journal has showed a change in the course. In 1881, the crab species was classified as an arachnids, disregarding the molecule sequence that does not match the category. Yet, this recent study has showed that this species is actually in the right family group by some evidence.

Ballesteros expressed, “By showing that horseshoe crabs are part of the arachnid radiation, instead of a lineage closely related to but independent of arachnids, all previous hypotheses on the evolution of arachnids need to be revised. It’s a major shift in our understanding of arthropod evolution.”

Their study included using complex matrices and data analysis to help prove the hypothesis. Through their complex measures and experiments, the species proved to be an arachnid in terms of its physical actions and it’s genetic study.