Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Hu Zhijian laments the latest protectionist turns in the United States

A senior Chinese science strategist, mourning the latest protectionist movement taken place in the United States, stated how both China and the U.S. have greatly profited from their collaborations in the fields of technology, science, and innovation.

The president of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, Hu Zhijian, stated how an objective gratitude towards such endeavors would aid in greatly lessening the latest technology and trade skirmishes and pave way for new grounds for a collaboration between the two nations.

Hu stated how the United States and China have, for the major part of the last 4 decades, been close allied in integrated studies and advancements.

As stated in the blue paper on China’s input in STI and worldwide governance printed by the academy the previous year, the no. of cooperative research assignments involving both U.S. and Chinese establishments rose by more than 80% from the year 2012 to the year 2015. By 2014, scientists from China and the United States had managed to co-write more than 55,000 research papers.

Furthermore, scientists from China and the U.S. had collaborated on projects such as climate change, cleaner energy, safeguarding of the environment, fitness, and other various fields linked to sustainable growth, according to the blue papers.

It also stated how Chinese initiatives had structured their research and growth services in the United States whereas the U.S., too, had constructed R&D centers, more than 800 in number, in China. These centers cover numerous industries including technology, cosmetics, home appliances, etc.

Hu stated how, with time, both China and the U.S. had established dissimilar, but important, posts in the industrial system worldwide. Where the United States was at the top of its chain provided its developing industries, China was somewhere in the middle, constantly making an effort to rise.