Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Huawei’s role in uplifting Youth’s ICT skills, Kenya commends

Chinese technology firm, Huawei has played a significant role in boosting ICT skills of youth and hence, praised by Kenya for the role.

The news of the Chinese firm currently offering world class ICT training locally to Kenyan students was outsourced by Katherine Getao, CEO of ICT Authority in a technology forum.

She also exclaimed in the forum that the major portion of ICT training was focused on the students with marginalized backgrounds.

It was also disclosed by her that Huawei is a crucial contractor of country’s national fiber optic network.

Huawei has also become the competitive tech firm, as told by her, due to its ability to react quickly and positively to its customer needs.

Huawei has produced the latest ICT products and services through the investments in research which has made the Chinese firm a key partner for Kenya, as told by Kenyan official.

Huawei is also considered to follow its CSR activities by following programs majorly focusing on Kenya’s unfortunate citizens.

On Friday night, Marcus Ge, Huawei Kenya’s senior IT solution manager, informed Xinhua in Nairobi that his products are already a facilitator in Kenya’s public departments, transportation, production, and banking.

Huawei products also have the capacity to allow Kenya to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) effectively, GE disclosed.

He noted that the Chinese company is devoting substantial research and development resources to producing innovative products that are now even exceeding worldwide ICT standards.

Ge told that Huawei is already a significant supplier to Konza, which is Kenya’s proposed technology city, of hardware and software which is situated approximately 56 km south east of the capital Nairobi.

He also observed that Kenya remains a major market for Huawei because it is the Tech center in East Africa.

It has been more than 20 years since Huawei joined Kenyan market, however now, it is a dominant player in ICT space.

According to Ge, Huawei products have acquired acceptability in the east African countries because they are at the frontline of the ICT revolution.