Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

If the European Union would thrive, the United Kingdom would be suffering

Brexit in Brussels is usually perceived as a lose-lose game in which pain will be spread unavoidably, unequally. Terminal for the UK, serious but not life-threatening for the EU, and possibly would require a short stay in intensive care for Ireland.

The truth is that the excruciatingly crushing nature of Brexit since 2016 has to lead to a mindset of Europeans who focus on the collapse of British political norms, as well as, the implosion of British influence in Brussels. There has been a reinforcement of feelings by the virtually surreal nature of the current election campaign of the United Kingdom. When compared with this, the European Union has come to portray a legalistic behemoth, moving slowly, however, somewhat united, a creature that has a destination of steady, however, unpretentious growth in the coming years ahead.

However, behind this appearance, the honest judgment of the effects of the Brexit on the European Union is commencing to emerge.

But behind this veneer, a more honest appraisal of the impact of Brexit on the EU is beginning to emerge. And in reality, Europe is well of the fact that her vulnerabilities have never been greater.

If you were to put this simply, the abilities of the British of adapting are continued to be underestimated by Europe. British are capable of thriving, in a post-European Union environment. Brexit might well be considered as an obscene act of economic self-harm, however, that would not prevent the probability that Britain will be remaining a potent, economic, as well as, political actor on the world stage. In doing so, the most serious competitor of Europe will be Britain regardless of what type of Brexit actually occurs.

Would the United Kingdom be allowed by this deal to trade independently with the rest of the world?