Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Latest Summary of the durable consumer goods in the automotive industry

With sales of more than 450 Billion US Dollars in the automobile marketplace in the year 2017 alone, it is quite understandable why investors shifted their focus towards these companies. These investors came in the industry in the form of General Motors Company, Ford Motor Company, Tesla incorporation and numerous others. Nonetheless, an economic background could be seen in the car-support industry, having sales and market share in billions of US Dollars. As the replacement part producers for the car contributes to the markets for the durable consumer good as well as the transportation markets deserves some of all this attention.

On the positive side, we could see numerous firms thriving or growing after struggling with various defeats. Starting off with the DORM, which is a part replacement/hardware producer which slowly and gradually grew from 50 points to 87 within the last two years. In addition to this, it is also the most stable and consistently performing car-support company listed on NASDAQ. Next is the Arcimoto, which is the producer of e-vehicles as well. Though the firm faced numerous problems back in September of 2018, since that, the firm continued to grow beyond barriers, hitting as much as 5.20 US Dollars.

On the recovery side is the HZN, which is a car parts producer that additionally offers the towing services, the firm faced a ginormous fall after reaching the high of 25 points back in the years 2017 to just 2 points. The firm grew gradually back, having a 55 percent rise of the stocks that were founder. Similar was the case of MPAA which lost around 40 percent of their value starting from the year 2016, the firm yet recovered around 23 percent starting from January 1st. In these cases, it is quite appealing to predict that the rise in the confidence of customers led to a stronger support system for all these struggling companies allowing them to grow rapidly. Lastly, LKQ which is a manufacturer of specialty car accessories was leading in early 2018 but faced a downfall of as much as 50 percent.