Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

master DJ who blends old Korean works of art to a quick rhythm disco beat.

ump of the overwhelming disco beat can be heard immediately at the passageway of Seoul’s Victoria lodging even before diving two flights into an assembly hall with turning hallucinogenic lights and sparkling disco balls.

Be that as it may, the time is late evening, and the party environment isn’t made by youthful clubbers. Rather, the dancers are silver-haired, richly dressed, and grinning as they appreciate a great time, moving, mingling, and being a tease.

An ongoing report by Seoul’s metropolitan government, anticipating that the South Korean capital is probably going to turn out to be “super-matured” by 2026, added to since quite a while ago held feelings of dread about the expanding medicinal services and money related weight of a statistic timebomb in Asia’s fourth-biggest economy.

Be that as it may, on the in addition to side, the “super-matured” status, which is arrived at when more than one of every five of the populace is 65 years of age or above, possesses likewise made blast energy for the capital’s energetic daytime disco scene.

Maturing South Koreans are rushing to many daytime dances focuses, known as “Colatechs,” to keep rationally and physically dynamic and to appreciate a functioning public activity in their nightfall years.

At the Victoria, the greater part of the energetic amusement searchers is in their sixties and seventies, albeit 80-somethings have likewise been known to effortlessness the dance floor before kicking back with companions in the scene’s comfortable eatery for a brew and some dried fish.