Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Nemocare devices

Nemocare, an Indian startup that targets to save you Neonatal and maternal deaths in the growing world, has walked away with the first prize at Asia Hardware Battle 2019. Prepared via Technode with support from Shanghai Yangpu District People’s Government, the month-long opposition has gathered over 300 startups from China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, India, to name a few. This year’s event marks the second one consecutive time that an Indian group has gained, indicating constructing momentum within Asia’s hardware sector. AHB is a good platform for progressive hardware startups to show off their merchandise and amplify in the worldwide tech progressive atmosphere, he stated.

Nemocare’s co-founder Manoj Sanker accepting the AHB Gold Award

This information is used to detect Apnea, Hypothermia, and other distress situations. The device could ship alerts to the caregivers to offer well-timed intervention. As they go ahead, they are building an AI-enabled platform that works at the statistics being accumulated via the hardware. So that it will target precise diseases of the newborns, Manoj Sanker, the agency co-founder said.

An infant-pleasant layout and affordability are the product’s two main differentiators, stated the CEO. The product, launching early next year, will be priced at ₹ 20,000 a piece on the enterprise’s B2B platform. Nemocare is also exploring every other model that would give out the hardware without cost prematurely and rate on the use of consumables

Indian’s Nemocare received the top prize with a wearable device that may be attached to the foot of a new child for non-stop monitoring of important essential parameters. This data is used to locate Apnea, Hypothermia, and other distress conditions. The device could send signals to the caregivers to offer a timely intervention