Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

School entry exam in Italy topped by Romanian students.

Romanian-born Norbert Kereszteny received the best grade at the medical school examination in Italy. He received a score of 82.4 out of most of 90 and graded initially among the 60,000 students who sat the communicating to contend for the 12,000 places accessible at medical faculties within the country.

He checked at the University of Milan, and he could not get to pay any tuition fees seven though he conjointly passed the native exam with the most grades.

The nineteen-year-old was born in Sighet and, 13 years ago, he used to live in Italy with his parents, both are a doctor.

Although he graduated from a scientific discipline & engineering highschool, he determined to travel to grad school. He started finding out for the communicating two years before its date.

The check takes concerning 100 minutes and has 60 queries, out of that ten cowl logic, 12 general interest, 18 biologies, 12 chemistry, four arithmetic, and four physics,” he explained.

He got the correct answer to any or all; however, four of the test’s queries.

Norbert says he heritable the fervor for medication from his folks and credits his lecturers in Italia for the results achieved. He visited the college in Castellanza, a city within the province of Edgard Varese.

Although he doesn’t bear in mind the abundant of Romania, he says he misses his grandparents and also the friends here. He conjointly doesn’t rule out returning to the country to follow medication.