Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Scottish Nature agency shows brand new look following name change

The name of Scotland’s national nature agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, is being set to change its name to NatureScot , effective from May next year.

The reasoning was that the organization needed to adapt to environmental changes.

A grave warning has been issued regarding our interaction with the environment due to recent global UN reports on climate change and loss in biodiversity.

The priority to restoring biodiversity remains the scope of NatureScot, with plans that include:

Urban areas having vital green spaces

Non Native species being dealt with

Habits such as coasts to be restored

Promoting ‘environmentally friendly’ farming and sustainable species management;

Improving the general awareness about the environmental situation, including nature’s natural reserves.

Scottish Natural Heritage chief executive Francesca Osowska was reported to have said: ‘Nature is at the heart of what we do, and as NatureScot we will continue to work with partners to help deliver the transformational change needed to bring a nature-rich future for Scotland. We know the importance of nature to the wellbeing of Scotland’s people and places, and as an enabler of sustainable and inclusive growth.

He further stated that NatureScot will be more recognizable to the general public as the organization at the forefront of environmental development for the sake of Scotland as whole.

‘People know that climate change is a big issue but not as many know that nature – and biodiversity loss – is also a global and generational threat to human well-being. But it’s not just about conservation – enriching our nature is also part of the solution to the climate emergency too.

Everyone can make a difference by caring about the world he added.

Scottish Natural Heritage is the nature agency of Scotland. Their mission is to protect the environment of their region and make others care about it too.

The change to NatureScot continues the evolution of Scottish Natural Heritage that began over a year ago. Their website, corporate clothing, social media channels, livery are all already using the NatureScot brand.