Thu. Feb 27th, 2020

Testing KEYNOTE-522 for better treatment of breast cancer

breast cancer

breast cancer

The results obtained from the interim observations of the KEYNOTE-522 were presented at the ESMO Congress in 2019. They stated that the addition of immune therapy with the treatment of chemotherapy improves the response the pathogens produce in the bodies of patients. Patients with breast cancer can be treated more efficiently in this way. The trial drug can prove to be much more beneficial than the current treatment used for the removal of breast cancer

The observations and the results concluded from them assure that the chances of cancer reoccurring in the body are way less with this treatment than before. This was said by a renowned professor of Queen Mary University of London, UK. If the pathological response is improved, it means it has a lesser chance of reoccurring.

The most aggressive type of breast cancer is triple-negative. The surgery is done to remove the tumour in the young patients and prior to it, they have to receive repeated sessions of chemotherapy. This leaves no chance of any tumour cells remaining in the body. The recurrence of cancer usually happens within the three years of the treatment and if the body is free of cancerous cells it has only a 10 to 15% chance of reoccurring.

Adding immune therapy before doing the chemotherapy was tested for better results. It does improve the pathological response which is advantageous. The other treatment was kept the same apart from testing KEYNOTE-522. Patients were exposed to immune therapy prior to chemotherapy to observe if it brings any betterment in the treatment of breast cancer

The experiment continued for almost 16 months. And then the final analysis report was submitted in the Congress held in Barcelona. The pathological response was seen improving in most of the patients.