Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

The Center for Cancer Care is near completion

The public will be invited to participate in an open house from 6 to 8 p.m. where people will tour the new building and speak with staff about available services.

The 12.5 million, 24,136 square feet building will move all cancer facilities in the healthcare system from and down the main hospital. It is on Shirley Avenue’s corner and in Warrenton, Carriage House Road. Batten & Shaw Construction from Nashville, Tennessee is finishing construction. In Nashville is based Lifepoint Medical, owned by Fauquier Hospital.

The hospital Infusion Center, doctors and consultation rooms, a dedicated pharmacy and a community support group and staff training conference room will be located in the new building. The room will also give doctors a comfortable place to work with patients.

Cancer Services Director, Sandy Shipe, said the building was designed to include room to grow. Dr. Raj Manchandani is actually a health care provider with an oncologist/hematologist but there are still more doctors in the middle. Shipe wants qualified oncologists, and cancer researchers to use some space eventually.

There are seven bays, each wide enough for a treatment chair and second chair along with medical equipment in the new Infusion Center in the hospital. Here, patients receive drug therapy and other intravenous care. There are 10 more wide bays and two private infusion areas in the new center.

For patients who need something more protection than curtains, private rooms can be put to use. A patient who does not feel well and wants a calm place to lie down can use the space during his care. Or the room could be used to isolate an infectious patient. For example, if someone had shingles or MRSA, they would be separated from other patients who have an immune compromise.

The new Infusion Center was designed to offer plenty of light and space, just awaiting final touches. It can be described as “a place of comfort and soothing treatment.”