Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

The challenge for CVS and alike chains, as Walmart HealthCare starts

This month, in its Dallas, Georgia shop, Walmart will open a distinct “Walmart Health” Care Center. The opening is scheduled for 13 September. This Health Care unit will provide low-cost health facilities to local clients including x-ray examinations, dental, audiology, and counseling for mental health. This is in direct reaction to the efforts of CVS HealthHUB and regional hospitals that open urgent care centers in shopping malls and towns.

Walmart’s pharmacy operation has always been assertive. Firstly, the focus was on aggressive pricing with a small $4 charge for generic drugs and usually low general prescription prices. It then expanded to health clinics that approved insurance plans and also provided low prices for immediate treatment without insurance plans (these treatments included laboratory tests). Walmart also regarded owning PillPack (which Amazon scooped up) and Humana, according to reports. Walmart acquired Sean Slovenski, former senior vice-president of Health and Wellness of Humana, while the Humana agreement fell through. He now leads the modifications in the wellness program of Walmart.

The CVS HealthHUB is a health care neighborhood destination that provides easier access at a reduced price. These centers will also have a concierge in charge of customer participation – to inform them about fresh facilities and fresh activities. This service is welcomed by most clients. Kevin Hourican, EVP CVS Health and CVS Pharmacy’s chairman said that we have developed a completely fresh customer experience and are helping individuals on their journey to better health. This is a simple example that will guide some of the schemes of Walmart.

As a result of this whole activity, consumer health care has been changed. Pharmacies have shifted from the sale of products to the provision of helpful primary care and wellness facilities. While traditional physician work will still prevail and professional judgment will continue to be of great value, pharmacies will now deliver patient care with the same professional approach. Walmart Health would be a beneficial change from the traditional practice of planning a doctor’s visit for many customers. This long-term patient care will provide them with faithful traffic in the shops over time. The introduction of such professional counseling for long-term care is, in my view, an optimization of Walmart Health, and these facilities will become a component of how health care is delivered.