Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

The firm named as the Spectrum Global Solutions earns more than 1.6 million in US Dollars as a result of a newer task

Spectrum Global Solutions Incorporation, which is a sole-source provider of the highly-used end-to-end 4th-gen wireless as well as wire-based network resolutions in addition to the advance level services for numerous carriers. Not only this, it is also the source provider for various business enterprise marketplaces, today broadcasts that in the period of the previous 2 weeks , the firm has successfully gained a high of around 1.6 Million in United State Dollars as a result of the latest contract that they were awarded due to their support carrier networking upgradation.

The Chief executive Officer of the Spectrum Solutions Global, Mr. Roger Pondes stated that: “These new orders show an acceleration of the growth we have predicted for this year,”

Mr. Pondes continued to state that: “This growth in opportunities, when coupled with the unique solutions and technology brought to market through our pending Wave Tech merger has us very excited for the future of our Company.”

The Board approved an amended 14C that provides the current and future Board with the flexibility to address any NASDAQ up listing requirements that are associated with price. It is still the Board’s intention to limit the actual size of the reverse to achieve what is desired for a successful up listing.

As it had been previously announced by the famous Spectrum Global Solutions as well as the well-known Wave Tech Global Incorporation would be working together to form a more consolidated separate entity which would be valued fairly at as much as over 130 mil US Dollars in addition to seeking the approval from the Nasdaq in order to ensure that their listing would be efficiently made possible without going through much effort.