Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

The forerunning vendor in 5G contracts

5G on digital screen

The 5G radio technology is entering mobile networks internationally at a rapid pace. So far, there are as many as 35 international carriers publicizing deployments. Among these, many are teaming up with more than just one vendor of 5G radio technology. Consequently, the amount of publicized 5G contracts is much greater than the amount of deployments of the technology.

Vendors are not forgetting scores, and are unable to wait to publicize their 5G contracts. According to Huawei, it has 50 contracts presently, putting it ahead of its closest competitors, Nokia and Ericsson. Nokia comes in second place, having 48 contracts, of which 3 were publicized following the firm’s official update. Ericsson has only publicized the 5G contracts where it is allowed to publicly state the name of its clients, so far it has 24 of those. Ericsson’s equipment was active in 15 live networks, by latest count. On the other hand, Nokia’s equipment was active in 10 live networks.

William Xu, one of Huawei’s board directors, said: “Huawei will continue to develop its 5G technology steadily.”

Nokia expects to hold itself up as the most thorough provider of 5G solutions. According to the firm, its number of obtained contracts show just that.

Nokia’s head of international mobile networks marketing, Sandro Tavares, stated how as many as 50% of the deals made by Nokia include more than 1 radio. He stated that 5G is not simply an upgrade of the radio access network, and that the firm is the only one which is fully end to end.

However, Verizon has opted for Ericsson for its provision of 5G core network, transport facilities, and radio access. It is also, like Sprint and AT&T, working alongside Samsung and Nokia. T-Mobile chose Ericsson and Nokia for its 5G technology provision.