Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

The Goethe Institute: A powerful associate in creating a better understanding of different cultures and bringing them together.

Goethe Institute in Riyadh

If you want to get frequent in German or want to get familiar with the amusing culture of the state, you must visit the Saudi branch of the Goethe Institute in Riyadh. This is Germany’s national cultural institution, which endorses the German language and cultural and traditional connections across the world.

Its Riyadh workplace has been situated in a villa since 2016 in the Umm Al-Hamam region, where it proposes German-language subjects varying in complexity to cater to different ranges, starting from beginners to intermediate to advance. Frank Herzig, the director of the institution, and his group of well-known instructors assists students to fulfill the necessities of the Common European Framework of References for Dialects. Therefore a strong inspiration and thoughtful know-how in language teaching are the 2 main reasons for Goethe Institute’s progress.

Knowing a language is a foremost tool for understanding different and new cultures, and as much as it puts light on the learner’s individual needs. So, the Goethe Institute provides customized courses so that it could be beneficial at all levels and necessities, containing specified courses for doctors and medical students, combining and conducting courses via electronic media that amalgamates online classes with in-person classes, and also the courses for children with ages ranging from 7 till 12.

Just like language training, cultural occasions are also a significant part of the mission of the Goethe Institute in Riyadh. In the last year, for instance, a lot of German writers have visited to provide interpretations of their work, the Saudi and German musical bands have also performed at the institution.

The institution also held discussions about Germany and a German opportunity fair, in corporation with German organization, the German Academic Exchange Service.