Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

The Hostile Environment Policy of Tories

PETER A Russell has suggested that England has a lot to teach to Scotland regarding patience, toleration, and integration. London, among other major cities was mentioned as an example for being way more multi-cultural and cosmopolitan than anywhere in Scotland. However, this cosmopolitan ambience was slightly dented when England decided to not be a part of the European Union.

Recently, I visited one of the most beautiful cities that I am absolutely in love with, London. I stayed at a hotel located on the banks of River Thames. The Hotel was staffed almost 100% by European citizens from all over Europe. The staff had to be feeling a chilly wind blowing down the Thames from Westminster. Since the referendum of 2016, the famous London cosmopolitan has dimmed along with the previous multi-cultural welcome to people who have so much to contribute. Unfortunately, the Tories have formed a hostile environment on immigration that has left everyone poorer.

PETER A Russell talks of multiculturalism as well as cosmopolitanism as if they are invariably and systematically great things. They undoubtedly have the potential to enrich any society but may also create strains of their own if not properly managed, which would lead to resentments, real or imaginary.

Mr. Russell has claimed that Brian Farrell portrayed Scottish nationalism as an exception to every other nationalism, calling it a benevolent and sanctified force. However, he said that he would respectfully disagree. I personally feel that all we want to be known as is Scots, having own culture, within an international as well as multicultural society. The pressure of ending the freedom of movement did not come from Scotland. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite of it is true, Scotland is in need of migrants, a fact that has been realized after widespread agreement of years of depopulation.