Thu. Feb 27th, 2020

The live stream being the source of ultimate entertainment



There was a special announcement made by The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo. It was the announcement of a live stream planned by them in a forest. It was declared on the 4th of October. The trainers will be allowed to join the live stream and enjoy the protocols. Glimwood Tangle was the place they will shoot the live stream that the viewers will be able to enjoy. This way they will explore the species inhabiting the forest and they will find surprising and shocking things about them. The camera will be set up in the forest and will enable them to see unexpected and intriguing things

Pokémon was mainly made in 1996 in Japan. It has an official website where anything related to it can be searched and known online. The website is All the information regarding their programs and the applications they have is present on the website. The business outside of Asia is managed by a subsidiary of the main company. All the games, movies and applications are being managed and supervised by that even the official website of Pokémon. It is very entertaining for the children and they are also upgrading all the systems making it even more interesting

The main company responsible for the creation and production of entertainment is Nintendo Co., Ltd., It is also based in Japan. This company is famous all over the world for its games and applications. Its entertainment system was first launched in 1983 and has been on top since then. 4.6 billion Video games and 725 million hardware units have been sold since 1983. Several systems have been invented and sold including Nintendo 3DS family of systems and many more. Most famous games like Mario™ and Donkey Kong™ are also manufactured by the same company. The headquarters for Europe, Nintendo of Europe, are based in Germany and were launched in 1990.