Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Trump blames Iran for the oil attack in Saudi Arabia

The United States is the superpower of the world. This is the reason when any statement is passed by the American officials then it is taken very seriously across the globe.

The president of The United States is of the idea that the attacks on the plants of oil in Saudi Arabia were actually quite a big conspiracy and he also seemingly knows about who the mastermind is. The attack has taken place this weekend and The President of The United States has issued a public statement on this Monday where he has claimed that according to the searches done by the Americans and on the basis of all the circumstances and scenarios that have taken place in the times around the attack it definitely looks like the country that, might be behind all of this disaster could most probably be Iran. This could be the reason of the conflicts and riots and also aggression amongst the countries that are situated in the Middle East but even after saying all of this and also giving a possible name of the attacker trump managed to get out of the situation safe by saying that he which means The United States is not at all interested in war and does not intend to start a war with any country if the world.

On the other hands after the supposed allegations made on the country of Iran that also holds power in the world has, of course, stood up and tried to make it very clear to the world by negating  all the proposition that were present in the statement passed by the President of The United States who is Donald Trump. Iran has clearly said that there was no part of Iran in the attack on the oil plant of Saudi Arabia and has nothing to do with the destruction made in that area.