Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

Walmart takes a supportive step towards a reduction in plastic waste by granting generous amount

Walmart granted an amount of $800,000 to the University of Georgia New Materials Institute to support the researchers in understanding by what means biodegradation of multilayered plastic packaging occurs & also help manufacturing industries in their effort to come up with the selection of better sustainable materials. Financed by Walmart’s grant, the research will pursue yielding both up & downstream solutions targeted at bringing the buildup of plastic packaging down in the surroundings

Chief investigator on the grant, Jason Locklin stated: “The grant will help us examine how the selection of materials for flexible packaging influences the biodegradability of that plastic in different environments, and also how the unique microbes that exist in these environments influence the biodegradation process. Our data will be used to propose new and logical standards to help find ways to manage packaging waste that is presently being thrown away or blown away.”

When comprised of the appropriate materials, there are several environments which promote biodegradation of plastic packages, which includes industrial composting amenities, landfill sites, and wastewater treatment plants. The research team will scrutinize the ability to be decomposed by bacteria of different packages in all of the above-mentioned settings and suggest fresh & better testing standards that can be adopted by the certification laboratories and by the government.

The VP for research at UGA, David Lee said: “Tackling our plastics problem is going to require new approaches to the entire cycle of production, consumer use, and disposal. We’re grateful to the Walmart Foundation for its support of research that aims to create benefits both for the environment and for the communities it serves.”

The UGA is dedicated to preventing the waste through the development of such materials & systems that stand by the Green Engineering principles. It is also shaping the future by preparing the coming generations of engineers & scientists on the significance of incorporating the principles of Green Engineering design in whatever step they take.