Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

West African states are unable to achieve their technology and science plans

15 West African countries have a deadline of a year for their 10-year policy plan on science and technology dubbed ECO POST but they have not even yet reached closer to the goals that they set for themselves.

This plan is an important part of the sub region’s development blueprint labeled Vision 2020. This is a recommended road map for money collecting, encouraging public-private partnerships, bettering governance and speeding up economic growth.

The integration plan recommends establishing a regional investment promotion agency. And all the 15 member states are convinced to promote feasible but competent small and medium-sized ventures, to focus on technology and innovation as a means to elevated productivity.

Although this plan hasn’t been successful yet because of problems faced with selling research findings, technology shifts, better university-industry relationship and encouraging domestic knowledge.

By analyzing the science, technology and innovation policy plans of countries (ECOWAS) it is found that to some extent there is government support in the scheming of policies but not much else is under control.

West African member states must take the required steps to create plans on technology, science, and innovation. This will cater to the region’s social as well as economic issues.

According to the research conducted, there was a lack of government support. There were also changes in the institutional framework and science, technology and innovation plans. Moreover, government agencies didn’t have access to resources and power to meet their agenda. The commitment level stays low because the importance of innovation to push growth remains unclear. Many countries had low tax revenues resulting in monetary issues, therefore, lesser funds availability for science, technology, and innovation. Countries like Liberia, Mali, and Ivory Coast faced political instability, which resulted in slower progress in the region.