Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Wolnzach Hops Museum in Germany

The brewing sector is greatly indebted to Germany’s fields, specifically Bavaria’s Hallertau. Bavaria’s Hallertau is the greatest continuous hop-growing area around the globe. Hallertau is full of high green bines and herbal aroma of Humulus lupulus, which is among the main flavoring agents used in beer. Apart from being appreciated by breweries and bars, the part Hallertau plays in the production of beer is recognized at a one-of-its-kind local museum. Supporting the growth of numerous kinds of hops along its region, the Wolnzach Hops Museum conducts exhibitions which acknowledge all areas relating to hops, such as its use in botanics, its history, and the art of brewing.

The museum is vast in how it manages to cover all things such as the use of hops as medicines in the olden days, the Reinheitsgebot (a law which limited the ingredients of beer in Germany to water, barley, and hops, hence boosting the cultivation of hops locally), and how the Industrial Revolution effected production and cultivation. The museum holds models of antique picker equipment, hopfendarre, and various mannequins which represent harvesting methods.

For the museum visitors wanting to have a taste, the museum also houses its own beer cellar and conducts beer-tasting sessions highlighting the native styles of light lagers and doppelbocks and also imports from the U.S. of craft brews and Belgian ales. Such sessions are only accessible on prior booking.

There are numerous places to visit in the region apart from the museum, Hallertau is great to bike or roam can look over hop plantations rooted among breathtakingly stunning hilly landscapes. When ripe enough, hops cones fill the air with very pleasing aroma.