Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

A Reduction In Stroke Risk For White And Black Men

Cardiovascular diseases are very common between humans. They generally occur with older age due to weakening of the heart or veins and arteries walls. Other reasons contain genetics or cholesterol levels. No matter what the case is, it is considered as a common issue that leads to heart attacks or strokes.

However, a recent study was tracking the statistics behind strokes and a shocking value was noticed. The study conducted by a team led by a professor in the University of California, San Francisco named Margret C. Fang was published in the Medical Care Journal. It showed results that proves a decrease in the risk of strokes for both black and white adults. The strokes mentioned are all due to older age and not any other factor.

Dr. Margaret was pleased with the observed results saying, ‚ÄúDespite these promising trends, our study also found that black men and women continue to be at higher risk for stroke than white patients. Our study of evolving US trends in stroke found that both black and white Medicare enrollees experienced considerable improvements over time with regard to stroke hospitalizations ”

The decreases was observed in a total of 25 years which showed a decrease in the risk of strokes from 1,185 to 551 for black men and from 937 to 407 for white men (all results are out of 100,000 participants). This shows a total decrease of risk by 14% and 9% respectively.