Wed. Jan 29th, 2020


Global Market Research is a culmination of months of efforts by a team of market research analyst striving to build a platform that provides a strong foundation to businesses for their market research requirements. We deliver factual market research data to our readers who are key decision makers in their companies. Using our data, strategic decisions are taken that pave way for global expansion for companies around the world.

Started by a close-knit team of market research analysts, Global Market Research is a not for profit publication. We do not make money through our endeavor and solely rely on donations from businesses around the world. At a time when there is a thin line between real news and fake news, we believe in providing factual verifiable data, news and analysis to our readers on which they can base their strategic decisions.

Started in 2017, Global Market Research has garnered a strong 100,000+ reader base of business persons from around the world. We offer news, analysis, facts and data in some of the most sought after industries including chemicals, energy, heavy industries, information technology, health care, pharmaceuticals, etc.