Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Air Strike destroys Primary Healthcare Center

The reported death of a child and the injury of many citizens were the results of an airstrike at the Primary Health Center, Al-Zerbeh. A missile was thrown to attack the place. The health centre was totally made a mess of ruins, making it unable to be of any service to the public. Fortunately, no one was there at the time of the attack but the child that died and was at a place distant from the centre by 50m.

A series of attacks have been made on healthcare facilities in the past few days. This seems to be a consequence of the disagreement in April 2019 in Syria. The AL-Zerbeh attack was the fifth attack in three days. Moreover, a maternity hospital and Al-Ghadfeh hospital was made a target of attack one night and the upcoming day. At the moment of the attack on the Al-Zerbeh, another healthcare centre was attacked called, Al-Tah Primary Healthcare Center. Al-Ayman hospital was also attacked several times. These continuous attacks on the health centres pose a great danger to the country and its people.

A great number of patients are treated and taken care of at Al-Zerbeh, almost over two thousand and five hundred monthly. SAMS has been a supporter of this healthcare centre since the start of 2017. The risk of the targeting of the healthcare centres and the hospitals to be minimized was the aim of the deconfliction mechanism held in 2018, led by UNOCHA.  Al-Zerbeh was also a participant of this but it has still been made a target and attacked a couple of times since the conflict. These attacks are continuing without any check and the workers and the patients have to bear the consequences.

The investigation of these attacks and the violation of the laws need to be carried out, for the protection and support of the healthcare facilities should be the main aim. SAMS showed great interest and protested against these unchecked attacks and demanded immediate action against them.