Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Connected gadgets to be a significant part of meals during the holidays

Connected gadgets are predicted to be a significant part of the household during the approaching holiday time.

As stated by a recent study, of every 10 adults, 3 are expected to make themselves busy on their mobile or tablet at the dining table during Christmas time.

As stated by a survey carried out by SellCell of 1200 adults based in the United States, for this year’s Thanksgiving, 27% of the partaking adults will be bringing along their tech gadgets to the Thanksgiving dinner.

Even worse were the results for family dinners set to take place in restaurants, during which 61% of the partaking adults stated that they stare at their mobiles.

The survey observed how the frequent use of electronic gadgets during dining times has become a common occurring for 25% of the partaking families.

Applications that were most commonly used during dinner time include Facebook and Twitter. 42% of the partakers choose to watch videos during dinner times.

As many as 37% of the partakers stated how they keep their mobiles handy during meal times to keep contact with their friends or relatives. 28% of the partakers state that the reason behind them using their mobiles is them finishing their final bits of work to live up to deadlines.