Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Cost Efficient Smart Stop Sign System

Car accidents are one of the most dangerous and deadly events in our planet. Statistically, most car accidents take place at night due to insufficient light and weak signage system. This specially takes place in intersections, where the signs can’t be seen nor the street directions.

With the huge numbers of death due to car incidents, engineers at The University of Texas at San Antonio were inspired to create a new stop sign system that will help reduce accidents. The system works by thermal sensors that detects the approach of a vehicle and accordingly allows the stop sign to adapt and be more visible for the drivers.

The system is appealing due to their approach of making it as cost effective as possible and adding a sustainable energy point to it. The team led by professors Sara Ahmed and Samer Dessouky, use infrared sensors which will detect vehicles and motorbikes approaching. This will trigger the stop sign to start flashing to alert nearby drivers to stop.

The team have filed for an invention disclosure which was taken forward to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association. The project is set to be launched in public really soon, where it will also be used at boarder lines to detect illegal immigrants and other AI technology connecting cars with the infrastructure.

The system by far has been efficient and expected to work properly. Experiments have shown a 90% car detection, which is still being improved. The system is considered to consume less power than other comparable systems in the same field. With the focus of being budget friendly, the team has announced an average price from $60 to $100 per piece.