Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

Do I need to Detox?

Detox concept with green vegetables: spinach, lettuce, cucumber, ginger, asparagus, broccoli and lime. White wooden background. Clean eating Vegetarian food Healthy fitness lifestyle. Top view.

Whether or not you do it, you must have heard about Detoxification. The question of how to do a detox diets usually lingers on the lips of many of us. Most people do not really know what a detox is and why they need it.

Detox, as it is generally called, is the flushing out of toxins or toxic substances from your body system. Toxins could be from internal sources (by-products of normal body chemical reaction) or from external sources (toxic substances in our environment).

The body itself has a Detoxification system and removes toxins naturally. The Skin (through sweat), kidney (urine), Lymphatic system (lymph), Digestive system (Vomiting or faces), Liver and gall bladder (bile), and digestive system (mucus) removes harmful toxins from the body already.


However, most times when detox is used by Nutritionists and Dieticians, they refer to some fruits, vegetables and certain diets that are believed to help the body’s detoxification system. There is no real scientific backing for this generally accepted notion, however, many people have tried these external detoxing methods and have seen favorable results.

There are some medical conditions to which Detox diets have proven to have adverse effect in. For instance, some detox diets have little or no sugar, this deprivation of sugar could lead to low-sugar levels which terrible for people with diabetes.

Detox diets can be very helpful to your general body system in that they generally eliminate food items we often eat in excess. The also mostly contain fiber which is also good for the body. However, if you are considering whether or not to detox, your body already does that for you.