Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Parexel Appoints Mr. Gavin Nichols as Executive Vice President



Parexel is a leading provider of solutions for accelerating the development as well as the delivery of innovative and new therapies to the market for improving world health, from the Clinical through to the Commercialization and it announced today that Gavin Nichols had joined their company as an Executive Vice President of Informatics and Information Technology. Mr. Nichols shall be leading the business of Parexel Informatics (PI) along with the Information Technology function of the company, as well as driving the progress of innovative services and solutions that were enabled by technology and also a best-in-class digital infrastructure.

Jamie Macdonald, the Chief Executive Officer said that today more than ever it is critical that technology and science come together for advancing the drug development. He said that the extensive experience of Gavin in leading the teams of global technology in the pharmaceutical as well as health care sector provided the perfect mixture of expertise for driving the innovative technologies’ development and their solutions for the customers in a continuously evolving and also growing landscape of clinical trial.

Before joining Parexel, Mr. Nichols held several roles in global leadership in technology, leading many strategic as well as innovative transformations throughout the sectors of pharmaceutical and health care. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Bournemouth University and he graduated as a Bachelor of Science from the Open University. His vast range of experience also includes leading the deliverance of consumer apps, data analytics, electronic health records, genetics, recruitment, trial management solutions and wearables.