Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Turkish Delegation Expresses Interest for Joint Ventures with Pakistan

A Turkish business delegation comprising of eight members have expressed great interest in forming some joint ventures in various fields with their Pakistani counterparts.

The members of the delegation were representing several sectors, such as automobile, education, financial technology, home appliances, information technology, and LED lights

The head of the Turkish delegation said that their businessmen were ready for initiating joint ventures with the Pakistanis as they believed that plenty of opportunities existed in various sectors, particularly construction and energy.

He further said that Turkey, being the 2nd fastest growing economy in the world after China as well as the first in the European Union, had so much to offer to the businessmen of Pakistan and that they should capitalize on the opportunities that were available.

The members of the delegation expressed similar sentiments saying that they considered Pakistan as a beautiful destination and wished to establish business partnerships in sectors of automobile, education, home appliances, IT and other fields.

They said that Turkey and Pakistan had great potential for enhancing cooperation in several areas and further stressed that both countries must forge strong linkages among their private sectors for exploring all the potential areas for mutual cooperation.

The members of the Turkish delegation said that the purpose of their visit to Pakistan was to study and also understand the market as well as to find local partners.  They said that Turkey was able to cooperate with Pakistan in many fields.